We believe in making the business of events better and giving everyone the best chance to succeed. We believe in celebrating talent and showcasing success.

Our Story

“Eidyia is the result of the problems I encountered and my desire to disrupt and shape the industry we work in”

Having spent over 17 years working in PR, events and marketing in London, New York, Moscow, Hong Kong and Dubai, I realized that the invitation-only event industry is rife with uncertainties, conflicting dates, missed opportunities and inefficiencies. I was repeatedly frustrated by the problems I encountered and the lack of tools, resources and information available. I decided to find out if I was the only one experiencing these difficulties.

After countless conversations with clients, journalists and peers in the industry, it became clear I wasn’t the only one suffering from a lack of transparency and access to reliable, advance information.

So, I set about to rethink it and find a solution that would serve the needs of those of us working across the invitation-only event industry. I knew that if I was to succeed, I had to provide a comprehensive solution that addressed the individual requirements of each stakeholder.

I worked out that most of the problems could be solved (or avoided) if we had a definitive event calendar with the ability to see what’s coming up, to know who’s coming to town, and who to contact. If we could do this not only would we problem-solve but, excitingly, we would actually create opportunities and value for everyone! And so, Eidyia was inspired to take shape.

Our vision is to be the intelligence that drives every event globally.

Darien Ellul

Founder & CEO


What’s in the name?

When considering a name, I found myself drawn to Greek mythology. In the course of my research, I came across Eidyia, a daughter of the Titan god Oceanus, whose name derives from the Greek word “εἶδος” “eidos” meaning “to see” or “to know”, I was immediately fascinated by the concept of seeing and knowledge being intertwined – and so…“Eidyia – To See is To Know”